Jump Start Service

Elite Auto RecoveryNeed a Jump Start?
You’re walking to your car at 8 a.m., ready to begin the work week to discover that you left your headlights on all night.  You turn the key and nothing.  Your battery is dead!

Simply call Elite Auto Recovery , and we’ll get you back on the road ...fast.  

No matter if you at home, the office, mall or on the side of the road,
Elite Auto Recovery will come to your location and jump start your vehicle.

Battery Service

Elite Auto RecoveryA battery jump gets you on your way fast. But on your way to where? ...to find a garage? ...to have the battery tested? ...to sit in a waiting room while a new one is installed?

Elite Auto Recovery's Battery Service Offers:

  • On-the-Scene battery testing with state of the art diagnostic equipment.
  • On-the-Spot battery replacement, if necessary, at competitive prices.
  • All installed batteries include a * 36-month warranty with a
    24-month FREE replacement warranty  New!
How it works:

In selected areas, when a motorist calls for assistance and the problem is believed to be battery-related, a trained technician equipped with a unique diagnostic tool called the Midtronics MBC 5500 tester, will accurately test the battery on the scene. A report showing the remaining life of the battery will be supplied at your request. If the battery needs to be replaced, the technician can sell and install one on the spot. Battery Replacement Service vans carry batteries that will properly fit 90% of all cars, SUV’s and light trucks on the road.                                     * certain conditions will void warranty.


Fuel Delivery Service

Elite Auto RecoveryOut of Gas?
You’re running late.  You nervously glance down at your gas tank…almost on ‘E.’ you can’t find a gas station and your car slowly creeps to a stop.

Simply call Elite Auto Recovery, and we’ll get you back on the road ...fast. 

Elite Auto Recovery will deliver fuel to your location
(up to 5 gallons) simply specify fuel type when calling.



Flat Tire Repair

Elite Auto RecoveryWhether you have a blowout or a slow leak, realizing you have a flat tire can be a high-stress situation. Elite Auto Recovery will send someone quickly repair your flat and inflate it so you can get back on your way quickly.

In the event the tire is not repairable we will inspect and install your spare tire. If upon inspection of the spare it is unusable or missing, flat-bed service will be offered at a discounted rate. Avoid worry and danger — and leave it to the experts. We'll get you rolling again in no time.


Lock Out Service

Elite Auto RecoveryElite Auto Recovery has the most up to date tools and methods to gain entrance into any vehicle on the road today.

No more waiting for a police officer with a slim- jim or a friend with a coat hanger to maybe get you in, and maybe scratch your paint or rip your window molding.
Elite Auto Recovery implements the industries best tools and methods to get you back into your vehicle if you lock your keys inside.


Coverage Area for Emergency Services

In Dutchess County,
Fishkill, Wappingers Falls, Beacon, Poughkeepsie, Hopewell, Lagrange

In Putnam County,
Cold Spring, Phillipstown, Nelsonville, Garrison, Putnam Valley, Kent

In Orange County,
Newburgh, Rock Tavern, Roseton, New Windsor, Montgomery